OCA Days 2020 Online - Facilitating inter-cooperation of IT cooperatives using Odoo

Participarem als OCA Days 2020 amb una xerrada sobre el grup d’intercooperació en l’àmbit d’Odoo per projectes de la economia social que impulsem Coopdevs juntament amb Coop IT Easy

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Facilitating inter-cooperation of IT cooperatives using Odoo

Some Odoo developers are working as part of a ‘worker cooperative’ - a legal structure where members are employees and employers at the same time. One of the seven cooperative principles, as stated by the ICA (International Co-operative Alliance), is ‘Cooperation among Cooperatives’. Let’s talk about it!

This will be an open discussion to:

  • Introduce the cooperative principles and look at the landscape of Odoo Cooperatives today.

  • Introduce a couple of modules we’ve built and would like to develop in a cooperative spirit, and scout for others in the field.

  • Talk and think about how we could organise such inter-cooperation on a practical level (product planning, task management, onboarding, functional documentation and e-learning).

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Podeu participar via ZOOM
Passcode is: 096247

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Hem creat una Web per informar de la feina feta i canalitzar possibles actores a aquesta intercooperació http://it4socialeconomy.org/

Si et vas perdre la xerrada que vam fer juntament amb @coop_it_easy als #OCAdays2020 aquí està el vídeo (a partir del minut 1:07:37)