Join us! IT 4 Social Economy

Actors of the Social Economy need IT Tools to realize their missions. From share-management in an energy cooperative over member shift systems in cooperative supermarkets to management tools for shared housing initiatives. Luckily, a variety of IT cooperatives exists that build these tools.

Inspired by the ICA principles, we have joined forces as IT cooperatives to mutualize resources, share knowledge and build better tools together . With a bigger network we’ll also be able to work on some more complex projects. In all these ways, we hope to empower the actors we are supporting, and help make a change towards a more sustainable world.

More info:

For who?

Cooperatives that can benefit from intercooperation:

  • Cooperatives offering IT Services for Social Economy
  • Cooperatives with IT needs using Odoo

Join us!

Say hello in this thread and answer:

  • Who you are?
  • Why do you want to join?
  • Do you offer IT services? or Do you use Odoo in a social economy project? Explain your project!

Hi there :wave:,

We have been gathering between multiple food cooperatives in France around these subjects of common technological solutions and promoting open source and free software. The initiative has been driven by few supermarket cooperatives in France in the past few years.

We currently speak only in french and our community is available at this address: forum. supermarches-cooperatifs .fr. However lots of supermarket cooperatives have been using the ERP Odoo and being able to work together would be a great sign of collaboration!

I have arrived here on the coopdevs forum thanks to Virginie’s message (from CoopItEasy) and would love to try to join forces between the efforts made on your side and our side.

If I understand correctly, your development community has managed to focused mostly on Odoo development projects and on our side we mostly have a common platform of free software made available for any users of our Discourse forum, once logged-in in the forum everybody gets access to a, nextcloud, bookstack wiki - our main welcome page is available only in french (sorry!) here if you want to have more details:

Do you have a scheduled time in the week where we could meet between your group and our small motivated group?

Many thanks for your help and hope to talk to you soon!

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Hi @sseerrggii !

Manuel may have already told you but I’ll carry the Intercoop mandate from now on at Coop IT Easy. So I’m keen to organise and or participate in a meeting w/ Paul!

Hi @paul_lgds and welcome! I saw 2 meetings on the food coop forums: Wednesday at 8pm and Thursday at 5pm. Which one do you think is more appropriate for us to come?

All the best, looking forward to cooperate!

Hey @robin_coopiteasy :wave:,

the meeting on Wednesday 28th of October is a general intercoop encounter for foodcoops. These intercoop encounter used to happen physically before covid-19 but they are now organised online (every 6 months or so) where everybody is invited to participate, there are usually discussions around many subjects - not necessarily technological ones - (communication, supply, governance, etc…) around food cooperatives.
The “IT-interfoodcoop” meeting on Thursday 29th is the much smaller group wanting to help with IT tools and solutions for food cooperatives. This group is dedicated to IT (dedicated to the initiative). We try to meet bi-weekly and I believe it would be better if you can join this one :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you and hope to talk to you soon!

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Super, I’ll join you on Thursday then!