Coopdevs: Software libre para la economía social

Coopdevs tiene como objectivo impulsar soluciones tecnológicas para fomentar y promover la economía social . Todos los proyectos en los que participamos son de código abierto y licencia libre.

Súmate a la comunidad Coopdevs, propón y participa!

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Olà @sseerrggii, disculpe no hablo español e voy a terminar el mensaje en ingles :slight_smile:

We have been gathering between multiple food cooperatives in France around these subjects of common technological solutions and promoting open source and free software.

We currently speak only in french and our forum is available at this address (

I have arrived here on the coopdevs forum thanks to Virginie (from CoopItEasy) and would love to try to join forces between the efforts made on your side and our side.

If I understand, your development community has managed to focused mostly on Odoo development projects and on our side we mostly have a common platform of free softwares made available for any users of our Discourse forum, once logged-in in the forum everybody gets access to a tchat, nextcloud, bookstack wiki - our main page is available only in french (sorry!) here if you want to have more details :

Do you have a scheduled time in the week where we could meet between your group and our small motivated group?

Many thanks for your help and hope to talk to you soon!

Hi @paul_lgds and welcome!

Sure! I think you already talked with @Eugeni_Coopdevs Can you copy/paste the same information here? Join us! IT 4 Social Economy We want to be in touch with other organizations through this thread :wink:

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